Cigarrette Commercial​/​I Could've Been Oblivious (Demos)

by Dadweed

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released April 6, 2017

Recorded by James Frost at the Noise Pit
Mastered by Errol West
Composed and performed by Dadweed



all rights reserved


Dadweed Vancouver, British Columbia

Sweater Rock

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Track Name: Cigarette Commercial
I stole a glance through wisps of smoke
A game of chance, a hazy cloak
So you know that I'm no square
So you know that I'm not scared to die.
Oh no, not I.

I've got one left, it could be yours.
Our recklessness will be adored.
They'll no that we're no squares
They'll know that we're not scared to die.
Oh no, not you, not I.
Track Name: I Could've Been Oblivious
I am the cold cup of coffee that you didn't have time to drink today
I am the beer you thought you wanted left out overnight on the counter
I am your overgrown front lawn
I am your general, unintentional, lack of direction
I am the poorly drawn tattoo on the inside of your arm
I am the phone call that you made when it was already too late
I am the last one to show up to your party and the first one to get up and leave
I am your common cold
I am your longing for the past

There are things about myself that I wouldn't have noticed till you pointed them out
Track Name: A Short Song About Feeling Afraid Of Being Alone
My apartment is littered with partially read books, cuz I can't finish anything I start. I think I'll blame my cluttered brain for that. Clearly I have trouble focusing, hell, beyond the task at hand I can't keep track of anything. Maybe I'm distracted by the constant hum of questions in my head, question after question. Like,

What could I have done to be a better man?
When will I stop fucking up?
Is fucking up just in my blood?
When will I stop drinking heavily, and falling off my bike, and nearly dying on the pavement.

I hope you stick around, I'm gonna need you when I'm down.